Disconnection and Connection

Life is about disconnection and connection.

Disconnecting from our distracted selves.

Disconnecting from toxic relationships.

Disconnecting from ineffective online interactions.

Disconnecting from managers and occupations that aren’t a good fit for us.

Disconnecting from that which is less important, from things that are shallow/trivial/surface/fleeting.

These things distract us and make life empty.

Connecting with our best selves.

Connecting with our loved ones.

Connecting with people who will motivate us and make us better just by being around them.

Connecting with those we “are in charge of” at work and serving them.

Connecting with that which is more important, with things that are religious/spiritual/deep/lasting/meaningful.

These things make life full and rich.

We spend the our limited time and life choosing between disconnection and connection.

What will you chose today?

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