“This dark stormy hour”

I found a new song that alleviated, for me, a little of the existential dread that accompanies the uncertainty of a global pandemic.

It reminds me to be still, to do what I can, and to let the rest pass like clouds in the sky. 

Sharing in the hope that someone else might feel a break from their stresses. 

Earth Song, by Frank Ticheli:

Sing, Be, Live, See.

This dark stormy hour,

The wind, it stirs.

The scorched earth cries out in vain:

O war and power,

You blind and blur,

The torn heart cries out in pain.

But music and singing

Have been my refuge,

And music and singing

Shall be my light.

A light of song,

Shining Strong: Alleluia!

Through darkness, pain, and strife,

I’ll Sing, Be, Live, See…


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