“This dark stormy hour”

I found a new song that alleviated, for me, a little of the existential dread that accompanies the uncertainty of a global pandemic.

It reminds me to be still, to do what I can, and to let the rest pass like clouds in the sky. 

Sharing in the hope that someone else might feel a break from their stresses. 

Earth Song, by Frank Ticheli:

Sing, Be, Live, See.

This dark stormy hour,

The wind, it stirs.

The scorched earth cries out in vain:

O war and power,

You blind and blur,

The torn heart cries out in pain.

But music and singing

Have been my refuge,

And music and singing

Shall be my light.

A light of song,

Shining Strong: Alleluia!

Through darkness, pain, and strife,

I’ll Sing, Be, Live, See…


Data Is The New Soil

How do you change a mind? This is a massive, massive question I’ve been pondering, and the answer seeps into nearly every aspect of human interaction, from marketing and organizational change management to politics and disaster response.

Part of the answer is that changing minds requires telling stories with effective data. This 2012 Ted Talk on data visualization walks through some of the concepts of producing effective data. The first three minutes are key. The rest is brilliant.

Data is the new soil.